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Life Coaching & Consulting

Life Coaching assists individuals in moving forward in a positive direction with regards to all areas of their lives.  Through using a combination of cognitive psychological methods, the acknowledgment of our placement within the current cultural constructs and a variety of fun and explorative exercises, Life Coaching can help an individual begin creating movement in their lives. I focus on allowing what is naturally present within the individual to flow with greater ease, often assisting clients in connecting with their heartfelt dreams and building the road map to achieving these goals.

Life Coaching serves the client in uncovering their individual creativity; that internal force behind manifesting the life we desire.  Through identifying fears, irrational beliefs and judgments, all ways individuals use to block themselves, we then place these within the cultural context in which they were learned.  Forgiveness of self and others, as well as a release from these old blocks soon follows; a key element for healing personal blocks.  Life Coaching is an experiential process of re-connecting you to the beauty of your spirit, your dreams, yours gifts and how best to express these parts of yourself in each area of your life via goal setting, visioning, and continuous accountability over time. Career, Physical Health, Finances, and Relationship are common foci for individuals looking to make improvements and growth in these areas of their lives.

My experience as a Coach over the past thirteen years has shown me that most change occurs over time.  Change is a process, not an event, and why I encourage Clients to commit to a minimum of six to nine months in order to do the basic work necessary to bring about the change and transformation they’re seeking.  In service to the Clients commitment, their full fee is paid up front in support of keeping them in the process of growth, where our ego’s can so often step in and side track us, sometimes stopping us all together.

My work with businesses involves consulting on customer service, sales, and communication within each organization.  From individuals to small teams we work to up-level communication skills internally, between fellow employees, departments and management, as well as externally with customers.  My coaching approach to sales training and customer service is done through the lens of serving clients and their needs via relationship building and genuine service with lasting results and positive organizational gains.


About the Book...

Living Life Now is packed with keen observation and humor on navigating the many adventures of life. Not shy about his own journey, Barry’s transparency helps shine a light on the universal nature of being human. With his unique ability to identify how our consciousness works, Barry brings our collective truths to light in a style that is both easily understandable and a joy to read.

Life purpose, cultural observation, work, technology, love, and spiritual life are all explored in ways that inspire each reader to find their path to creating a life of meaning and joy in the modern world today.

Rarely does a book on personal transformation bring as much light-heartedness and laughter as does Barry’s work. In his unique style and voice, Barry acts as a loving guide, helping to connect us with our hearts, each other, and the rich creative process of living our lives.


  • “I worked with Barry Clark as my coach in the past and had a tremendously positive experience working with him. He is an intuitive, spiritual coach that both nurtured me and challenged me on deep levels. As a result, I feel that I made many breakthroughs within that then led to positive change manifesting in my outer world personally and professionally. I thoroughly enjoyed my work with him and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to be the change that they seek.”

  • “Some people truly have a calling. Life Coaching is Barry’s calling. He possesses enormous depth and razor sharp instincts. His education and training brought him to the door but he has an innate gift that will move you through the door to the road that leads to your authentic life. Barry is all about the truth and he will help you to know yourself and identify what you want and don’t want. He is a master of helping to clear away the obstacles that block your progress and a graceful guide to the life that you are meant to have. Being “stuck” does not have to be a part of the human condition and Barry will show you the way out. With humor, compassion and spirituality, Barry will get you excited about your life and truly bring you into the light.”

  • “Barry is absolutely awesome! He has this amazing ability to hear what is being said beyond the words that I’m speaking. He shares and speaks with me in such a way that my perception of situations in my life transform. Barry has assisted me in growing in leaps and bounds. As my coach, I can count on him being authentic in his communication and knowing that he is one of my biggest cheerleaders. Barry is a gift and an extraordinary coach! Anyone who has Barry as a coach is in for the ride of their lives and will begin achieving their goals with grace and ease.”