"Happy Hour" Coaching

One hour of spot coaching, when you need it now!

Price:  $175.00


"Deep Dive" Coaching

This is a six-month package, which includes four 1-hour sessions per month, email access, and spot coaching when needed.  This is geared towards total transformation for both the personal and professional parts of your life.

Price:  $6,000.00


"Organize Your Life"

One 4-hour session, which includes sorting, clearing, coaching, and re-arranging space.  Teamwork makes the dream work, and right here is where we get it done.

Price:  $500.00


"Finding Your Path"

90-minute session focused on answering the question, "What in God's name am I doing here?!?!  Also known, more professionally, as Life Purpose Coaching.

Price:  $250.00


"Weddings From the Heart"

Three 1-hour sessions including an Initial Couples Meeting, Drafting of Ceremony, Rehearsal (optional), and the Wedding Service.  Each Ceremony is lovingly crafted for each unique couple to fully express their loving while setting the tone for their very sacred and special day.

Price:  $2,500.00


"Writing Your New Narrative"

This is a half-day workshop focused on personal narrative - writing, clarifying, editing, and exploring the art of narrative writing.  Story arch, co-creativity, and visioning are all implemented to bring forward each participants life story, both the one that's defined them to this point, and the one that will light the path to their intended future.

Price:  $199.00


"Positively Positive Monthly Blog Discussion Group"

A monthly Facebook Live Get-Together focused on Barry's monthly blog piece as a Positively Positive Regular Contributor.  We talk and tackle life's everyday opportunities for living our best lives while having fun whenever possible while doing it. 

Price:  Complimentary

Next Steps...

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